About Me

Hi, I’m Marlyn

Are you the Mom that has everything together at all times? Are you rocking work, motherhood, and being a wife simultaneously?…


If this IS you, then I have to be honest, I’ve got nothing for you momma.:(


If you are struggling to budget, make money, change your health, or balance work and parenthood…..then I got your back!


Whether you are a single mom like me, a momma to be, or even a college student dreaming of a family one day, the pressure for women to “do it all,” has NEVER been more prominent.


SavvySavingMommy.com was created to help moms like you rock all areas of motherhood and life no matter what your journey or season in life.


A year ago I was struggling to make money, battling depression, and stuck in an abusive relationship. I knew God had a greater purpose for my life and that it was mine to pursue.


Even though it meant being a single mom, I ended my relationship to move in with family. I took my savings and (scared to death) invested it into courses for myself, as well as a few blogging tools.


I have never been happier.

What about you? Are you ready to completely take control of your life and find purpose in everything you do?


What are you waiting for?! Join us now to get amazing support, advice, and some awesome freebies too 😉


With Love,


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