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Whether you are saving for something special, buckling down on your finances, or filthy stinking rich, we ALL want more money. Truth  be told we could all use more money too!


Money talks. Money can’t buy happiness. Show me the money honey…You get the picture.

There are so many different philosophies on saving and spending money. Some people are budgeters and deal finders (like me). Others are credit card swipers and pay check to pay check-ers.

Now I am in NO way saying that you are either a saver or spender, good or bad with money. There are tons of places in between the two! What I will say is that many people are simply looking for a solution but have no clue where to start. There IS good, solid financial information out there but it can be so so hard to find.

Here I have done the research for you, and only included the practical tips that I think will actually help (I’m sorry but selling old games on ebay won’t pay the bills quick!)



  1. Meal Prep in batches. My favorite is MyFreezEasy. They make meal prepping delicious dinners..well, easy!
  2. Find out how to make your favorite Restaurant meals at home
  3. Make your own fancy coffee at home. I learned to make my coveted lattes with my Keurig brewer 🙂

    4. Cut your grocery bill in half or more. Find out more here in this post

    5. Use a Food Inventory so you never waste food again

    6. Use Fast Food Apps like Chick-Fil-A rewards and Starbucks to get Free Food!

    7. Complete those receipt surveys they give you for free meals

    8. Check Sunday Papers for coupons at Restaurants like Longhorn and Ruby Tuesday

    9. Check RetailMeNot or Rakuten for Restaurant coupons

    10. Grab discounted gift cards to your favorite restaurants like Cracker Barrel at

    11. Use your credit card when eating out so that you get cash back. Then IMMEDIATELY pay it off.




    1. CUT, The. Cable. Already. Hulu even has a live tv channel package for less than $50 a month so you don’t miss ESPN


    2.Watch Redbox instead of going out to movies. This is a no brainer if you have the patience to wait a little while.

    3. Use Groupon to save on Entertainment, Spa days and sooo much more.

    4. I hate to repeat myself but check out for gift cards to AMC, Regal, Fandango and more.

    5. Have a staycation.  

    6. Have little ones? Check out my ideas for cheap toys and active play

    7. Use Deal Flicks to save on movie tickets

    8. Check out this secret to epic home date nights.

    9. Get cashback on alcohol by downloading ibotta to your phone.

    10. Consider switching wireless plans

    11. Use free trials on subscription services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO, etc. Get up to a month absolutely free



    1.Shop kids clothes at Carter’s, they are always having sales

    2.Get Children’s Place gift cards year round and shop their semi-annual clearance sales for major discounts

    3. Shop T.J. Maxx and Marshall’s for name brands like Under Armor for the kids. You will save hundreds compared to shopping sporting good stores or department stores

    4. Consider a subscription service. Rent the Runway, Stichfix, and Rachel Zoe are all fabulous choices!

    5. Create a capsule wardrobe for every season. Read this article to find out what a capsule wardrobe is.

    6. Invest in quality clothing as much as possible. I am a sucker for a sale but I won’t lie I hate getting something I love that wear or tear after a few washes because it’s so cheap. Find a style you love and try to invest in higher quality versions.

    Toiletries & Household Items


    1. Get cheap or even FREE toiletries by shopping drugstores. 
    2. Get cheap name brand paper products from the drugstores or Target
    3. Subscribe to Amazon Prime for amazing deals on everything from Cascade to Tylenol when you use their Subscribe and Save program
    4. Make your own green cleaning products using items such as essential oils, vinegar and lemon juice.
    5. Consider switching to store brands on smaller choices.  



    1. IF you can, downsize. I highly recommend this to anyone who is trying to pay off debt or save up for something huge. If you are in a position to move or already thinking about it, consider living in a less expensive place.

    If I make 3,000/month, the recommended expenses for my housing is $900. That means I want to look for a mortgage or rent below that number (30%) and definitely no more than that.

    2. Rent out your extra property or space using Air BnB

    3. Consider refinancing

    4.  Shop around on home insurance to get the best deal





    1. Consider replacing old appliances that are not energy-friendly

    2. Run FULL loads of dishes and laundry

    3. Run dishes and laundry at night or during other “non -peak” hours.

    4. Adjust your thermostat and water heater. Check out this smart thermostat.

    5. Replace lights with energy efficient light bulbs

    6. Replace air filters regularly

    7. Do small tasks, such as fixing a leaky toilet, yourself.


    Other Tips for Saving Money on Everything


    1.  Start a budget already!

    2. Have too much debt? Start a plan to pay it off with this bestselling book

    3. Clean constantly. Keeping things clean and organized will help you realize how much you actually have before you go buying unneeded things!

    4.  Cancel any subscriptions you may not use or need. You can use the free app truebill to do it for you so no more “I don’t have time,” as an excuse.

    5. Have a no spend week or month. Here’s how.

    6. Take care of yourself! When you make your health a priority you will live a much fuller life. Plus, who wants expensive doctor’s bills??

    7. Be proactive about all things. For example, taking care of your car, home, and belongings will benefit you when it comes time to replace those things. Additionally, by researching things before you buy or invest in them, you can save yourself hundreds or thousands in the long run.