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Make Money

Legitimate Work from Home Jobs

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What are you waiting for? Grab your copy of our %2220 Online Business Ideas%22 and get those creative juices flowing!

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….Considering making the change to online work or work from home jobs? Dreaming of a 9 – 5 in your bathrobe or on a beach with a cocktail? You’re not alone! Research shows that


If you know me then you know I don’t like to “pad” things with extra information that you just don’t need. I started this blog to share my knowledge and research with others..parents like me, moms like me, financially strapped families like me. Having said that, I set out to write an appropriate article discussing REAL ways to make money online.


I can’t tell you how many stupid articles I went through informing me to “take surveys for cash.” And don’t even get me started on the scams


So why AM I telling you all this? Because I want you to know how much thought I put into this article and that I am not here to sell you things by twisting facts. I WILL tell you where to get the right tools so that you can start your online side hustle or career NOW.

But first…

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The truth about making money online

My friends, the truth is, there is no FREE or easy way to make money online. If you want to make REAL money then you need to be willing to spend money. I am by no means telling you to go into debt, I simply want you to be realistic with your options.


Unfortunately, there are people out there who only want to sell you JUNK. They do not care about your financial situation and they tell you everything you want to hear when you’re down. I consider myself a very intuitive person and I STILL have gotten talked into things that were not beneficial to me. For example, the time I was convinced to sell a popular cosmetic product that rhymes with Carry May. SMH…


Sure, there are things you can do with little to no investment, such as answering surveys or applying to be a product tester. The only problem is, these things are not going to make you the kind of money you want. SORRY Charlie.


Think about working online as you would any job. You (hopefully) don’t apply for a job without the right set of skills, a resume, and some experience. The choice to work online means you are choosing to invest in yourself and you can think of it as the equivalent to going back to school or a similar type of job-related investment. Except cheaper and in your pj’s ;).


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1. Freelance Writer


The title “Writer” always makes me think of my favorite Jillian Flynn novel “Gone Girl.” I guess because both characters are writers in New York; a magazine writer and journalist. Also noted that the main female character’s parents are rich authors. Needless to say they all lose their jobs and most of their fortune in the 2008 -ish economic crisis.


The reason I bring this up is because this is my stereotype (still to this day) when people say “Im a  writer.” Come on, you know you have something similar in mind!


There is actually SO much more to being a writer these days. There are specialties like copywriting, email writing, blog post writing, content marketing and more!


When was the last time you read something in print? For me, it was a sale email from a clothing store I love and yes there are people who WRITE THOSE!




  • You set your own hours
  • The oppurtunities are limitless these days



  • It is highly competitive
  • You may have to settle for making little money at first


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Check out our Work From Home Resource Library!

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2. Social Media Manager


Like it or not, people can NOT get enough of their social media! Businesses use this to their advantage by promoting their products, services, and brand on all social media channels.

This can be an exhausting task for small business owners and companies, so enter the need for a SMM. As a Social Media Manager your job could be to edit and post content on social media, filter comments, and even engage with group members (depending on how large the audience is). 


  • Pay can start at $20/hr
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Plenty of oppurtunity as the marketing world shifts more towards social meadia marketing



It can 


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3. Virtual Assistant




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4. Proofreader

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5. Transcriptionist

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6. Blogger

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7. ECommerce Store Owner

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8. Website Designer


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